What to expect

What to expect

Black dog lying on the floor, looking up at someone off to the side.

In our first session, I will get to know you and your dog and discuss your training goals. You will be able to learn from the comfort of your own home. This is typically the safest and most distraction-free setting for you and your dog. Some sessions can be held in public areas or around your neighbourhood.

If suitable for your dog, I will provide training demonstrations. Note: mindDog teams will not be separated. I will then coach you through each exercise or technique. An individualised summary will be provided after your session.

Smiling woman crouched down in front of a Golden Retriever dog. They're in a forest.

Everyone has unique needs and preferences, and it is essential that both you and your dog feel safe during training. I will never ask you or your dog to do anything that might make you feel uncomfortable. My approach to training is entirely force-free, both for humans and dogs.

Several follow-up sessions may be necessary to achieve desired outcomes. Good communication is essential for you to feel supported throughout your journey. Questions and updates via email are welcome between our sessions.


When understood and supported, we feel empowered to make good choices that benefit us and others. I believe dogs are no different in this respect. By learning to understand what our dogs are trying to communicate through their behaviour, we can uncover the root causes of challenging behaviour and influence positive outcomes.

My approach is humane and science-based, and I do not use harsh or forceful methods. Research shows that aversive training can lead to increased behaviour problems. If you have used outdated methods, I won’t shame you. My job is to help you and your dog discover new and beneficial ways of working together so you can enjoy the learning process and the long-term benefits.

I emphasise the importance of understanding and teamwork. Training can become an almost intuitive unspoken language when the human-animal bond is safe and secure. I aim to help you cultivate and maintain that bond so you and your dog can overcome obstacles and work together effectively for mutually beneficial gains.