Emma Wyllie (she/they)

Training Coach & Behaviour Consultant

Assistance Dog Trainer & Support
(mindDog Australia-Approved Trainer)

I'm a qualified and multi-certified force-free dog trainer with eight years of experience in companion animal welfare and behaviour training. I would love to meet you and your dog!

About Emma

Emma is a professional dog trainer graduate of the Delta Institute, a nationally accredited intensive two-year course designed by animal behaviour and training experts recognised as positive reinforcement industry leaders in Australia. Emma is also certified as an accredited professional dog trainer member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) and the Pet Professional Guild Australia (PPGA).

Emma’s background includes experience working as a senior trainer and behaviour team leader in a large animal welfare organisation and as a head trainer in a veterinary behaviour practice in Melbourne. Working alongside behaviour veterinarians deepened Emma’s understanding and skills in supporting dogs with multifaceted behaviour concerns.

Black pug with tan coloured collar looking up towards the camera.

Emma is passionate about the unique role of assistance dogs and is an approved trainer for mindDog Australia. Their love for this work led them to pursue further human mental health and peer support qualifications, allowing them to practice with the mental health of both guardians and dogs in mind. 

Dedicated to bridging the communication gap between humans and the dogs they share their lives with, Emma aims to empower guardians with knowledge, skills, and strategies to guide their dogs through life’s challenges using positive training, support, and empathy. 


Certifications & Memberships