Compassionate dog training that centres empathy for both dogs and their human guardians, grounded in science.

Located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne on Wurundjeri land, DogKynd offers one-on-one consultations for dog behaviour and training and support for assistance dog teams.

Are you feeling overwhelmed and confused by the abundance of information available on dog training? With so much contradictory advice on the internet and from friends and family, finding the right approach that aligns with your goals and values can be challenging.

I’m here to help you achieve lasting positive results for you and your dog. As a force-free professional, I am committed to upholding professional standards that promote choice and compassion and ensure the training experience is safe, effective, and humane for all involved.

A young woman, Emma Wyllie, wearing a green jumper and black pants is sitting on the grass with her Golden Retriever dog who looks happy.

Meet the Trainer

Hello! I’m Emma, the founder of DogKynd. I am qualified and certified in dog behaviour and human mental health. I teach modern, force-free techniques that do not involve outdated punishment-based methods.

My focus is on promoting the mental well-being and emotional safety of you and your dog. I aim to create a supportive environment where we can work together to overcome challenges with your dog and strengthen your bond.


Private Coaching

Private coaching sessions offer a personalised training plan for your puppy or dog based on your specific needs and lifestyle. These sessions promote positive behaviours and strengthen the bond between you and your dog.

Behaviour Consultation

Behaviour consultations are for dogs experiencing complex behaviour issues such as anxiety, reactivity, and aggression. You will be guided and supported in implementing safe management strategies and appropriate training techniques to address root causes.

Assistance Dog
Training & Support

I provide training and support to mindDog teams to attain accreditation by developing a collaborative, personalised training plan to meet Public Access Test (PAT) requirements though a client-centred and neuro-affirming approach.

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